I am a mom and wife.  I am a Christian.  My husband and I are co-founders of Eagle Wings Ranch in Newcastle, Oklahoma.  I am the Director.  Eagle Wings Ranch is a small horse rescue whose mission is to empower people to overcome challenges and find healing and truth through ministry, authentic relationships, mentoring, and interaction with our rescued horses. We accomplish this by using God's gift of the horse to visually demonstrate faith-based principles.


I am also an attorney and I spent 17 years practicing law full-time.  My love of helping people caused me to want to remain connected to the legal profession while still running the Ranch full-time.  


I spent most of my law career fighting people's battles in a courtroom.  I enjoyed the courtroom, but most of my clients did not.  Once you enter the courtroom, the outcome is out of your hands and in the hands of the judge and jury.  

My natural bent is to be a peacemaker and in hopes of finding a kinder, gentler way and helping people find a resolution that they had ownership in, I decided to be certified as a mediator.

About Me

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For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

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Shanin A. Moore